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Nestucca R. F. P. D. Staff

District Officers

  Fire Chief James Oeder-

  Deputy Chief Mickey Hays -

  Division Chief of Training Jeremy Neel -

   Division Chief of Maintenance Eric Shoop -

A Shift

    Captain David Sellers

    Firefighter Micheal Jenson

    Firefighter Gregory Wilkinson

B Shift

    Captain  Logan Garrison

    Firefighter Austin Howard

    Firefighter Devon Beede

C Shift 

    Captain Christian Waters

    Firefighter Tyler Gould

    Firefighter Gunnar Lundeen

Volunteer District Officers

    Captain Bill Slavens

    Captain Travis Cole

Station 82 - Pacific City

   Lt. Ron Sturdevant

   Lt. Roy Hansen

   Firefighter Dan Doyle

   Firefighter Austin Sears

   Firefighter Nicholas Sheridan

   Cadet Allana Tull

Station 83 - Beaver

   Lt. Aaron Hagerty

   Firefighter Tyler Hagerty

   Firefighter Jim Mahannah

   Firefighter Simon Levigne

   Firefighter Eric Peterson

Station 84 - Neskowin

   Firefighter Shannon Bacon

   Firefighter Brandon Beajeu

   Firefighter Alex Clark

   Firefighter Liz Vitale

Station 85 - Sandlake

   Firefighter John Eckhardt

Station 86 - Blaine

   Lt Tucker Slavens

   EMS/ Fire Prevention Ginger Slavens

   Firefighter Lucas Slavens

   Firefighter Casey Cannon

Station 87 - Hebo

   Firefighter Jeneanne Upton

   EMT Jodi Richardson